Building strong individuals  who care and  give back  to society    globally

Building strong cyclists who  understand how to  win and  make a difference

Building  Leaders  with the skills to  attract sponsors and support to their teams.

Building iChampions who are Kinjah  Ready to  win  at home and at the Tour de France

Hi, my name is Paul Sherwen, most of you know me as the voice of the Tour de France in the English Speaking world.   What you might not know is that I grew up in Uganda and still alive there today.  Africa is my home and  bikes and cycling are in my blood.

As a Tour de France rider for 8 years, I learned what it takes to win and the  power  and support a team provides.  Even a great team is not enough, teams in a grand tour cycling event must at times work together for the betterment of not  only their team, but in support of the other riders and teams.   With the  success of Chris Froome, a Safari Simbaz winning the last 4  Tour de France's and  the success  of the Rwandan, African Rising Cycling Team, we have seen cycling   as a sport growing across all of Africa.  To    support  the great projects and riders  who inspire to  excel while helping their communities, we have created Paul's Peloton, with the goal of Leading Africa Forward through Cycling.  In addition we want to   inspire and   empower  responsible riders  who are  recognized as world class for their humanitarian efforts in addition to their bike skills. We   also believe that it is this leadership  that will help attract new sponsors and support for  cycling globally and bring more corporate sponsors to investing and sponsoring  cycling at all levels in Africa and  globally.

 15 years ago, my friend  Pat Montani approached me with the idea of delivering containers of used bicycles to Africa to provide needed mobility for  healthcare workers and students having to travel long distances to school.   We founded Bicycles for Humanity and it quickly became  a global grassroots movement of inspired   volunteers and together we have delivered over 155,000 bikes, with over 45,000 bikes going to  healthcare workers.  Today, with no staff or overhead  we have become the world leader and  we have only started. 

Empowering  healthcare workers and helping  students get to school was our main priority, but along the way, people started racing our donated bikes and entire  youth cycling programs have grown in Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Uganda and Kenya around the bikes we   shipped.   There are many incredible  African  bicycle racing programs springing up, and cycling as a sport is growing  at an incredible pace across all of Africa.  

As a past pro cyclist, I understood hard work  and  determination, having  twice missed the   alloted  time for a stage, but  when the tour organizers saw my determination  to finish, they  allowed me  to go on and race another day.  A strong work ethic and determination is important, but helping others and giving back is equally important.  Strong teams and the teams working together in the peloton win races and  our goal in creating Paul's Peloton is to bring together  all of the cycling world to help  make a difference and   develop young riders who not only  show  the cycling skills, but also the  determination to help their  communities, through  helping deliver better education, healthcare an opportunity to all through the iEmpowerment , a  program we also founded, that  builds    iChampion leaders.  Riders who can add value to  the sport and to society  are what every sponsor and advertiser of a cycling team wants.  This is the foundation to our program, we may not be  Tour de France ready to ride, but  we are  tour ready as humanitarians and need the time and support to  help develop strong  cycling  and leadership skills across Africa.  Learning  how to ride and race a bike is the easy part, developing riders wit hteh skills  to make a difference and bring new sponsorship and corporate support to your teams in the  tough  part, but the most important part.

Chris Froome might have won the Tour de France the last 4 years, but his  mentor and first coach, David Kinjah founder of the Safari Simbaz ,  helped develop the heart of  Lion in Chris.  David is a world class  bike racer, but  he chose to stay home and develop young cyclists the world   would be proud of.  Paul and I are delighted to have Kinjay join us and together develop  the Kinjah Ready program for all cyclists and  those that want to make a difference.  Kinjah Ready riders, coache's and teams are teh foundaiton to the iChampions network that  wil lbenefit all   globally.

Hopefully some day, we will see an all African team at the Tour de France.  If all of us in the global cycling community pull together and join  forces with the  strong  cycling leaders  in Africa, we can make this  happen.  Kinjah Ready cyslists wil lalso  work hard to  help  teams find and  retain the sponsorhsip and corporate support  all teams need from the  Tour level teams right down to  local community teams.

We invite everyone to join us and  our  team and together, lets     build African cycling and  cycling across the  entire developing  world, while giving our profesional  teams a new way to  attract corporate sponsors and be  proud to join cycling as  a way to  do good and get their message out to the world.

Asante Sana

Paul Sherwen