Building strong individuals  who care and  give back  to society    globally
Building strong cyclists who  understand how to  win and  make a difference
Leaders  with the skills to  attract sponsors and support to their teams.
iChampions who are Kinjah  Ready to  win  at home and at the Tour de France

Kinjah Ready

In North America,  few even know who David Kinjah is, but in Africa he is a legend and   one of the true leaders in the cycling community  on the entire continent.  As a cyclist, he has won countless   races in almost every country, but his  real achievement was his passion to not only help build great cyclists, but more importantly, to help mold great leaders  with the skills, passion and  desire to make this world   truly a better place for all.

Every single cycling club and every single supplier in the cycling industry should make  Kinjah a part of your  program.  If you, your son or daughter aspires to be a pro rider,  the first thing  you should do is buy them a plane ticket and send them to Kenya to  learn from the very best on earth.  Paul and I have done a lot as has the  entire global Bicycles for Humanity team, our contribution to humanity and    to help develop strong leaders is greater than the entire  industry and   all professional cycling teams globally.

This is a bold statement, but we have earned that right to make it, just as Kinjah has earned the right to Lead our sport globally, not just in Kenya.    Professional cycling has a lot of work to do, every club struggles  with talent and finding sponsors.  We believe that teams at all levels  must give back and they must build strong cyclists that  know more  than how to ride  and race a  bike.  If you want to be the best in the world, than  it is very important you  join Pauls Peloton and learn from the very best.

With the success of  Chris Froome, who Kinjah  coached, coupled with the  rapid rise of  Rwandan cycling and the  Dimension Data cycling team at the   world stage, we have  seen an explosion of   youth wanting to ride, race and be just like Chris and the other  African cycling stars. In every corner of Africa you will see    youngpeople  riding   heavy single speed bikes and racing,   finding whatever equipment they can, and  doing it for the love of the sport.

At Pauls  Peloton, we believe that  everyone  is welcome to join our team and that   no rider will ever be dropped.  In time we hope that   asour   team grows,    we can  help get a great supply of bikes and equipment to all team members through  Bicycles for Humanity and other programs that    strive to provide the gift of mobility to  so many in Africa.

Thanks to  technology, we know that we can immediately begin to share   skills with all  coachesand  cyclists  and  in doing so, teach the foundation skills we believe that every cyclist  and person who wants to make a difference helping others  needs.  Kinjah Ready, will have  2 accreditation programs to start, one focused on Coaching and the second focused on  cyclists as a part of our iChampion program.  Upon completion of the  course you will be  awarded a certificate of accomplishmnet  that  will give you the foundation skills to go on cycling or life.  You will also be included in the Pauls Peloton Team and  you  will receive the monthly updates that go to all Pauls Peloton team members globally.  As coachs help you develop, they will also have access to teams at all levels and   they will be able to  recommend   teams and individuals that might be able to help you develop your  cycling career.

If we can help all globally with  better access to education ,healthcare and opportunity, while  helping  mould  riders that   we and  every club   will be  proud to have on their team, then there is no doubt that one day,  an entire Kinjah Ready team  of  professionals will  not only represent Africa  at the tour, but  win the world's great bike races.

David Kinjah