David Kinjah

David Kinjah might be the  greatest cyclist and coach to ever come out of Africa and   he, through his  Socci Safari Simbaz Cycling Club and program understands what it takes to   develop great riders and even better  community leaders.  Chris Froome, current 4 time  Tour de France winner  started  his cycling life  as a Safari  Simbaz and learned the lessons David taught  and it has  carried  Chris to the top of  the cycling world. David's  goal now is to empower and    help every cyclist in Africa  develop the skills and determination to be Leaders in cycling and in life.

Contact  dkinjah@yahoo.com

Paul Sherwen 
Most of you know me as the voice of the Tour de France along with that of Phil Liggett. what you might not know is that since the age of 7, I have lived in Uganda and is  a Ugandan citizen. As an ex-professional bike racer Paul understand the value of a bicycle so 12 years ago, he  joined Pat  Montani and the rest of the Bicycles for Humanity team and we set about helping many in Africa enjoy the gift of  mobility that  a bicycle can provide.  Paul's knowledge of the cycling world, his relationships  and deep understanding of Africa  will help everyone as we move towards  a strong African cycling community and stronger  commynity members.

psherwen@gmail.com +(256) 772 223 002

Monty Richardson
Monty is a senior telecommunications executive and a serial entrepreneur who has who has held successful terms in CEO positions in the telecommunications and multimedia software industry, founded companies in this area and been awarded for outstanding accomplishments in the telecom industry. Monty was a founder of IP V Gateways Inc., the world's Foremost Video Security & Transport Performance Expert company, which was acquired by Strategic products and services in 2015. Monty has been an advisor to Bicycles for Humanity (www.bicycles-for-humanity.org) for many years. Monty's background and experience enable him to implement and integrate the pieces for iEmpowerment's success, plus his strong  business skills are invaluable as we grow Paul's Peloton in support of great cycling  teams in  Africa.
705  888-2411

Pat Montani 

Pat is a serial technology entrepreneur with several very successful ventures in telecommunications and multi-media. Pat was a founder of IP V Gateways Inc., the world's Foremost Video Security & Transport Performance Expert company, which was acquired by Strategic Products and Services in 2015 and several other successful high tech companies in telecommunications and multi-media. Pat founded Bicycles for Humanity (www.bicycles-for-humanity.org) which has delivered a total of over 155,000 bicycles, to eleven countries, in sub-Saharan Africa and trained technicians to maintain the Bicycles. Built on this base, local communities have built self-sustained, local businesses maintaining and selling bicycles. This experience has provided Pat with tremendous insight into how to successfully implement programs in Africa.

contact pat@bicycles-for-humanity.org  6049023452

Having built Bicycles for Humanity and iEmpowerment, we know  what it takes to develop and implement new programs in Africa.  Together we can make this happen, while building  strong community leaders   capable of helping all in their community develop cycling skills and a better life. Our Empowerment   memorystick  has all that any person needs to  begin to be the best in cycling and in life.

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