Bicycles for Humanity

Every year 10 million bicycles are  thrown away in landfills, many of these bikes are perfectly good and have years of life left in them.  Mobility is the key to a better life and racing  bicycles a way out of poverty. We recognized this and  15 years ago we started collecting and sending bikes to Africa and the program just keep growing.  Today, there are thousands of people involved in organizing and managing  Bicycles for Humanity Chapters globally sending bicycles to  community teams that inspire them.

As the sport of cycling grows in Africa, we need your help. As a cycling fan, team member of  bike store, organizing a shipment of  bikes to support  one one our growing East African Safari Simbaz projects  not only helps your community, but it    also provides  a way for you to   work with and support a rider in Africa.

David Kinjah and the Safari Simbaz program  is world class,   David has already coached and mentored  one 3 time Tour de France winner and with more bikes, who knows, how many more. Imagine, your club partners with   he Simbaz, together   not only making a difference, but helping others and it is easy to do and very rewarding on many levels. the team at Bicycles for Humanity has the entire program templated, plus  Pat and the team will mentor and support you and your team every step  of the way.

For more information please contact myself, Pat   or David Kinjah at