Building strong individuals  who care and  give back  to society    globally
Building strong cyclists who  understand how to  win and  make a difference
Leaders  with the skills to  attract sponsors and support to their teams.
iChampions who are Kinjah  Ready to  win  at home and at the Tour de France

Pauls Peloton Development Kit

Pauls  Peloton Development   kits  are   40 inch pallets stacked with about 15    bicycles,  and all of the clothing, used shoes, helmets, and other  cycling accessories that a team needs.  These pallets are easy to load and   economical to ship to any team anywhere in Africa.  We also encourage you to add  old computers and tablets to the mix to support the team as they deploy the iEmpowermentprogram  throughout their community.  the att'd PDF details the program.

We  believe  that  every cycling club,  bike retailer and  company in the  cycling industry should join us on this journey and provide used equipment to  riders and teams  trying  to make a  difference.

First off, you are taking your old equipment and   by sponsoring a  rider in the developing world , you are truly making a difference, adapting a rider  or an entire team will change  your life.

Secondly, we all hear about how NGO's waste money in Africa, how very little value  gets to the people.  With the Kinjah Ready program building  strong iChampions across  every walk of life in Africa, we are   allowing you and your team to be a part of somethign bigger than   yourself and by  creating an economical way to make a difference, you and your team will  feel that special feeling that Kinjah, Paul, I and countless others feel every day, we made a difference.

 Third, have you ever wondered why  large sponsors stay away from the sport of cycling,  it's pretty easy to figure out, they get no value.  A few pictures, online or in the paper, the overhand of the cycling drug era, make it difficult for  them to  invest and  buy into cycling, but we can change that.  the rideers that are  Kinja Ready  understand that contributing is important.  If all of  us in the developed world   join in, than the corporate partners will follow.

Every cyclist  globally reading this has a chance to change history and    help humanity and our sport.  When, Paul and I and the countless thousands that make up the global Bicycles  for Humanity Movement did more than the entire cycling industry with the exception of WBR, World Bicycle Relief, that tells you something.

When  a passionate  bike rider in Kenya,     builds a program that not only   builds great riders, in Kenya  puts all of his attention into building great humanitarians with the heart of a Lion, that should tell you something.

No one  ever thought that a group of rag tag cyclists,   globally  with no money and no support  could become the  most successful and efficient organization on earth providing the gift of mobility, education, healthcare and opportunity, this should tell you something.

If you think that the next generation of great riders is going to come from your club, your community, in North America or Europe, you are  fooling yourself. No matter how much you spend  or how good the equipment is a rider somethere in Africa  on a single speed work bike  who is  trained by Kinjah will dominate over all other riders globally. 

 For every cyclist, team or corporate sponsor who sends a  Pauls Peloton Kit,   or sends a container of bikes  with Bicycles for Humanity or purchased 20 iEmpowerment memory sticks for $500 so that our   iChampions can support your community, you have a free invite to a cycling , humanitarian camp next year in Kenya that  we are putting on.

I know,  you are thinking that Paul, Kinjah and I must be crazy, but we are not.  I believe that one earns the right to lead and we have earned that right.  To one except WBR got more bikes to Africa and no one on this earth has helped    develop a  true 4 time Tour de France Champion.

 There is not a single rider  on any profesional team that has what Chris has.  To find out, I suggest you get a copy of The Climb, Chris's story.  Chris has the heart of  a Lion, he is Kinja trained and Kinjah ready and by joining us on this journey, we are happy to  help all on your club or in your company face the challenges of life, with   grace, determination, style and class.