Pauls Peloton Empowerment Program

15 years  of doing grassroots development in Africa has taught us that the most important thing   you can do is partner   withthe  localcommunity  members and make sure your program has clear benefits for them and their communities.  We proved this  at Bicycles for Humanity and we  honed the program with the delivery of the iEmpowerment memory stick to community leaders across Africa, who saw value   in the program and shared it freely with everyone.

 The ability to share and view HD video without  the expense of the internet was a game changer  for all and  as a result,   many copied and shared our program.  Now with the addition of great cycling content, covering a wide subject matter with great action video's of bike racing, we know that every cyclist in Africa that gets it will copy and share it  and in doing so,  bring     the needed skills, n knowledgeand  enthusiasm for bike racing that we have.  It takes a Peloton to win a race and   as  everyone in the sport joins   us and Paul' Peloton, we know that  together we can  create great community leaders and future  Tour de France Champions.

How  Can you  get involved 

 We have created the  education, healthcare and  opportunity programs that make up the core  learning modules of the memory stick and we have added cycling related content that we feel is beneficial.  Our only costs to  scale the program across all of Africa is the cost of  creating 64 gig memory sticks and sending packages out to     cycling teams and those interested in sharing the program in their communities. if we had 100,000 of the Pauls Peloton cyclingand  empowerment  memory stick in the hands of cyclists and community leaders  we know that it will not only change the  world, but together we would have planted the seeds to an all African Tour de France team and Grand tour team.

If    we can  help  One Million young riders in Africa meet the Kijah challenge and become  strong contributing members of Society while developing   great cycling skills, we know   that the world will not only be a better place, but   we may some day see an all African team competing at the tour de France.

There are 3 ways you and your club or organization can help.

1.  The memory sticks copied and  delivered to teams and cycling leaders anywhere in Africa cost us  about $20 to produce and $10  to ship anywhere in Africa in quantities of 10 per DHL shipment.  Just  helping us cover the cost  of getting this incredible program out to   all in the cycling community   would help.

2.  If you are a business, a cycling club sponsor and want to join the program but   you are also looking to help extend your brand and program, you can join our Tour Partner program.  With a minimum purchase of 100 Pauls Peloton iEmpowerment memory sticks, we will  add your logo on the  stick and on the home page of the program, plus  provide you 2 gig of space  so that you can  add whatever content you would like.  The cost to do this is $2,000, which is the manufacturing cost of the 100 sticks, plus an extra $1,000 that covers the customization and special production  run of the program.   After that you can purchase as many as you like at the original $20 per stick.

3.  We have an incredible team and a clear focus on helping  build Champions in life and in cycling. I'm sure  you can see other programs and  initiatives that help build storng leaders, generate extra funds like  cycoling camps or  grand fondo's and  we are open, keen and interested in participating with you and sharing  what we have to help bring about positive change for all.  We're open to ideas  and everyone is elcome to join us on this journey of change and empowerment.

We encourge you to send them out to whoever you feel could use them, or we are happy to send them to our cycling iChampions across Africa on your behalf.