iEmpowerment University

Thanks to the team at iEmpowerment we have the  memory stick that containes thousands of hours of  education, healthcare and opportunity training material, plus the entire  cycling library of  content. Our goal is to test and  reward diploma's of achievement for those that complete our coaching and  cycling programs.   Complimenting the Pauls Peloton  memory stick program is an entire online  iEmpowerment University capable of testing  tens of thousands of  students and  delivering  thousands of course's  at the same time in any subject matter.

 For all that complete  a Pauls Peloton or iEmpowerment course, their  email will be added to the Pauls Peloton  roster.  the benefits to this  in addition to having learned great new skills for cycling and life, is that you can now reach  out to other teams, coache's and  contacts to help  your  riders develop their careers and get to the next step in life and in cycling.  We will also  be adding many new programs that can be delivered in PDF format to iEmpowerment University  to help improve skills in a wide array of subjects