Karamoja and Kara-Tunga

Karamoja   the NE corner of Uganda is one of the most beautiful places on earth. For many years, it has been isolated from  the rest of Ugandan society due to the cattle wars and with peace now having come to the region, the world  will now  discover this  beautiful area.  One the past 5 years  Bicycles for Humanity has delivered over 4,000 bicycles to the region.

 Kara Tunga is the brainchild of Theo Vos, and Karamoja's first cultural tour company.  We encourage you to come to karamoja and take one of the great kara-tunga tours or have Theo arrange a special tour for you.  For more information, you can contact info@kara-tunga.com  

 As cyclists we immediately saw the  enormous potential   of Karamoja  holding  world class mountain bike tours, races and  events.  With Paul having grown up in  Karamoja, he is keenly interested in leading Safari's in the region plus helping to create the first ever Tour of Karamoja  cycling events.  Imagine seeing  the best of Africa with Paul Sherwen as your guide, if this appeals to you, than drop us an email, pat@paulspeloton.com

Our goal is to continue to build  our  team to  help get more bikes to this area, plus take the first steps towards creating world class cycling events in the  area.  David Kinjah and the team at Safari Simbaz organize the  Mt Kenyan Epik and we hope to learn from his expertise as we take the first steps in Karamoja.  If you are interested in joining us or  helping to grow this  one of a kind event, please   email  us, we would love to have you join us on this journey.  Please visit www.kara-tunga.com