Building strong individuals  who care and  give back  to society    globally
Building strong cyclists who  understand how to  win and  make a difference
Building  Leaders with the skills 
to  attract sponsors and support to their teams.
iChampions who are Kinjah  Ready to  win  at home and at the Tour de France

Pauls Peloton Empowerment Model

 For far to long,  bike racing has been about winning  at all cost.  We at Paul's Peloton   believe there  is more to making a world class cyclist than just winning at all cost.  We believe that it is equally important to give back  and to help others less fortunate in  the riders respective communities.  We also believe that riders should be role models looked up to and respected by everyone   in their community and sport globally.

The global Bicycles for Humanity team understood what  it  meant to give back and with 155,000 bikes and growing, this model is a beacon for all.   We have always believed that a bicycle and a smart phone are the game changers and so we started iEmpowerment to provide a way for riders to help everyone with the gift of education healthcare and opportunity, while focusing on protecting the environment.  Today, just  like Bicycles for  Humanity iEmpowerment  is already the largest globally. The Pauls Peloton   edition of the iEmpowerment  memory stick also contains an entire library of  bike training video's,  bike skills and stories of the great riders from Africa that have made it to the  world stage and won  the world's biggest races.   David Kinjah,  Chris Froome's first coach instilled in Chris  the core skills needed to   win at cycling and in life and we are delighted  to   have Kinjah as a member of our team and buiding  his  inceredible wisdom and knowledge into the program. With no  internet needed to view   HD content and with  everyone allowed to freely copy and  give it away,  we hope that  this program ,  just keeps growing and helping all become better  community leaders and cyclists. Our goal is simple, to help develop iChampions   with skills to not only ride a bike,  but to make a difference, locally, globally and in an accountable way with all that support them and thier teams.

As Paul and I moved from founding B4H and iEmpowerment,  we  knew that the  model of  empowerment at the grassroots level was important to  inspiring  cyclists to join us on the journey.   David Kinjah and the Safari Simbaz understood instantly the power of  our model and how it  applied to the Simbaz program it   would allow every  Simbaz team member  to be a part of something bigger than themselves and  the sport of cycling. Every cyclist and club member at all levels is invited to join us and together, lets build a foundation of  strong cyclists and community leaders in every country. The Safari Simbaz are a great team, but they are one  of a hundred rising teams in Africa  and our goal is to support every rider on all teams today and al lthat want to race a bike and become iChampions.

By combining the  strong work  ethics of the  cycling  teams and  the Paul's Peloton teams , we hope to take not only cycling higher in Africa, but  set the bar for our humanitarian  effort , higher than that of winning the Tour de France.  

Our Empowerment Model is simple, to bring out the best in every member of  our global  team of cyclists, volunteers,  sponsors and we will do this by  together  empowering all to take cycling to a new level in Africa   while at the same time taking education, healthcare , conservation and opportunity to the same high level.

We might not  see an all African team at  the tour,  but we have already seen a Simbaz under Kinja's training , Chris Froome  win the Tour de France 4 times.  For the  thousands who join David, Chris, Paul and I  and who share our goal of, Leading Africa Forward  Through Cycling and growing Pauls Peloton partners and  cyclists  to be the  new standard for  development teams  and Pro teams globally, our effort to make the world  a better place while developing a new generation of responsible African cyclists , will have taken us to  a place higher than winning the Tour de France.