The  goal of the Pauls Peloton Empowerment  Program is to help create strong cyclists and even stronger community leaders.  In addition to the  great content below, 

In addition to all of the great iEmpowerment  education, healthcare and opportunity programs and content on the memory stick, we have added the following cycling related content   to the program that can be shared freely with  everyone and best of all , it is all in HD with no internet needed, see for additional information.

Facing the challenges of today's youth head on by,
Learning to tackle the ill's in the society with hard work, determination, and commitment to discipline. 
Learning important skills in life for Empowerment and employment. 
Seveloping skills  to create opportunity , like farming (crops, poultry, bee keeping, dairy, etc..
Practicing responsibility in whatever the situation
Community social services (ride to raise funds for public utilities, and for orphanages/elderly homes)
Faithfulness and kindness.

Riding   the bike is the easy part to   becoming a champion, but thee is more

Facing the truth about competitive sports, specifically cycling..
self drive/motivation 
the meaning of passion 
general discipline 
training ideas for, physical fitness, mental fitness, cycling specific fitness
strive to be the best you can be.
participate and complete the "Kinjah Life Challenges" and be  accredited and recognized for your contribution.

African Cycling

Safari Simbaz
David Kinjah and the Safari Simbaz
Lions on Wheels, the Safari Simbaz Story
Beyond the Sport with David Kinjah (1.45)
Our World is Round, Story of David Kinjah

Team Africa Rising
Team Africa Rising Cycling Centre
King of the Mountain, from Genocide to a cycling team in Rwanda
Adrien Nyonshuti, Rwandan Cycling Beginnings
Team Africa Rising Cycling Centre

Chris Froome Made in Africa

Chris Froome’s Success reverberates in old Kenyan Training

Kenya Celebrates Chris Froome’s first Tour de France

Chris Froome, made in Kenya

Chris Froome in Kenya

Chris Froome’s Life Story

Top 10 Best  Funny Chris Froome Moments

Best of Chris Froome 2016

Best of Tour de France 2017

Chris Froome Best of 2011-2013

Top 10 Chris Froome Best Moments

Sports Life Stories Chris Froome

Best of Chris Froome Cycling Motivation

Cycling Skills

Danny Macaskill in San Francisco
Danny Macaskill The Ridge
Danny Macaskill Way Back Home  (8)
Danny Macaskill Industrial Revolution
Danny Macaskill Cascadia

Mountain Bike, Barred for Life

Mountain Bike Crazy Trails

Mountain Bikers Dream Dolomite Decent

How South African BMX stars are made

Cycling Training for Beginners

How to Climb a Mountain with Chris Froome

Cycling Training Camp Team Sky in  Mallorca

Chris Froome Diet and Cadence Tips

Chris Froome Skinny Body Destroying the Peloton

Chris Froome visits the  Human Performance Lab

What I learned from training with over 1000 riders including Chris Froome

Chris Froome Downhill Attack, the Breakdown

5 Cycling Skills every rider needs

Bike Racing
The Tour de France Explained in Animation

Best of Tour de France 2017

This is Cycling
Best of Climbing in Cycling

Cycling is Awesome

Bicycle Repair 
How to Choose a Basic Bicycle Tool Kit

How to Adjust Gears and Derailleurs

How to Replace a Bicycle Chain

How to True(Straighten) a Bicycle Wheel

How to Replace a Broken Spoke

How to Overhaul a  Hub

How to   replace  a wheel axel on a bike

How to repair V brakes on a bicycle

How to replace a broken gear cable on a bike

Cycling Clubs in Africa
Safari Simbaz Cycling

Lycra in Africa, A cycling  dream come true

The Taxi Bike Riders of Thousand Hills, Africa’s Cycling Revolution

The Secret of DR Congo’s Cycling Revolution

King of the Mountains, From Genocide to a cycling team in Rwanda

Fastest Women in Africa, Rwanda’s first Female Cyclist

How Eritrean Cycling  made it to the top of the  Giro